“I was looking for a new outlet for my time when I found Rockford Woman’s Club. Of course I knew of the Club, it has been a pillar of the community for over 100 years, but I had never explored it. I am so glad I finally did! I have always been interested in giving back to my community and found the club to be the perfect way to do it. A group of like-minded people are so much more effective in providing services to people in need than any one person can be. And although I joined for the philanthropy, the social part of the club is wonderful as well. We have such a great group of women, I have made so many lasting friendships over the years. I would highly recommend Rockford Woman’s Club to anyone, and my advice is to get active and participate. It has truly enriched my life!”

Maniena Maring, Spafford Department


“I first became acquainted with RWC in the forties when I joined Junior Woman's Club, a group of high school girls from all the high schools in town. Through this group I met and became friends with girls that I would not have had the opportunity to meet any other way. We had monthly dinner meetings, put on style shows, had formal dances all under the leadership of senior club members. I fear fun was the chief objective for us at that time. As an adult, I became a member of Emerson Department and was delighted to meet such a grand group of ladies. I was so fortunate to have found an organization which did good works as well as bringing me knowledge of many venues. Too, being part of the beautiful building that has such an amazing history in Rockford was a definite plus. Through my years in Emerson I have made many friends, again that I would not have met elsewhere, and have been part of efforts to be of service to the community.”

Dorothy Baits, Emerson Lathrop Department


"When four women asked me to join the Spafford Department of the Rockford Woman’s Club within two weeks, I decided it must be something I should probably look into, and I am so glad I did.  The club has provided me with unlimited possibilities for philanthropic activity, dramatically increased knowledge about the Rockford Community and all it has to offer, leadership opportunities and amazing friendships. In addition, we have a lot of fun!  Do yourself a favor and join—you won’t regret it!"

Rhonda Arends, Spafford Department


"Truly, a great inspiration! I've only been a member for a short time, but the Spafford group is so gracious and genuinely friendly! Each time I attended a function or luncheon, I wanted to see how many new friends or "names" I could remember. At today's luncheon I remembered almost 100% just because of their hospitality! It's amazing the drive this group has for our community! It's a privilege to belong to this group of dedicated women!"

Deb Balluff, Spafford Department


"When I first moved to Rockford, I was looking for a place to meet new people. I found Rockford Woman's Club. The first thing that impressed me was the gorgeous historic building in which it was housed. But more importantly, the people were so friendly and welcoming I felt at home right away. I got involved, and in no time I felt like an integral part of the club. I feel really good about helping my new community...and I've made so many new friends. Thank you RWC!"

Charlene Dunn, Spafford Department


"As a new member of the Spafford Department, I have felt very welcomed by the members of the group. The variety and quality of social events and philanthropic endeavers have been very impressive. The Spafford Department has demonstrated phenomenal support for the mission statement of the Rockford Woman's Club. Best regards to past, present and future members."

Suzanne Sons, Spafford Department


"I was first introduced to RWC when I was a child due to my mother being a member. She loved attending the lectures and I loved going to the children's plays at the RWC theatre. I love the people at RWC! I am a member of the Spafford Department and have met so many great women by being involved in RWC. The speakers have been interesting and educate us about our community. The philanthropic work our club does reaches out to our city. The socials that are planned enhance our lives. It is a wonderful opportunity and I am honored to be part of it."

Karen BlomgrenSpafford Department


"Rockford Woman's Club is comprised of a variety of women volunteering their time and talents to those in special programs such as Remedies, Rosecrance and many other organizations. We work together on city wide projects such as welcoming and assisting immigrants to our area. We also have social events. When I joined RWC several decades ago, I found lifelong friendships, learned more about Rockford and came to realize how important RWC has been to our community. Our building is celebrating its 100th birthday this year and we are hosting a variety of special events. I love being a part of Rockford Woman's Club. It is one of the best choices I have made, and I feel privileged to be a member of Rockford Woman's Club."

Lyn Becknell, Emerson-Lathrop



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